Protégé Work


Great creative starts with a great strategy, so let's start there.

Grace Jessee

An analysis to market Top Golf to its largest market segment: non-golfers.

Alex Guilbeau

A brand promotion strategy and execution for Alamo Drafthouse's Alliance Fan Club

Art Direction

Cody Gehrer

Copywriter: James Grandberry

Art Director Cody Gehrer is originally from Orange County, California. It was perfectly natural for him to share his surfing expertise with his team mate and create a campaign for Shaper, a company that teaches you how to make your own surfboard.

Gabe Kachirisky

Copywriter: T Marshall Upchurch

Gabe and Marshall thought, "Since Jackery batteries goes everywhere with people, why not remind them everywhere they go?" Jackery took notice. They asked Gabe and Marshall to work with the brand for real.

Zac Lawrence

Copywriter: Lauren Pruitt

This speculative pre-roll commercial for Airbnb asked a simple question; In which world do you live?

A collaboration between IKEA and Airbnb brings the Airbnb Sweden experience to IKEA stores.

Tofer Flowers

Copywriter: Brandon Jessee

Buddha's Brew has billions of live probiotics. Work like this could create as many fans.



Ian Lindsey

Art Director: Gina Senese


Jake Webber

Art Director: Chris Ganz

Patagonia users are like other people. They don't like getting out of their comfort zone.

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 1.34.25 PM.png

Sydney Bonner

Art Director: Emily Spellmann

After participating in The One Club's Austin Bootcamp, Sydney and Emily did what JPLers do: kept working on the assignment.

Graphic Design

Sam O'Brien

Copywriter: Page Jensen-Sattengren

Cheap beer for partiers on a budget. The concept; create a can designed for shot-gunning.

Shane Matula

Copywriter: Sydney Bonner

Lund's Swedish Pancake Mix packaging designed to reflect both traditional and modern characteristics of the Swedish culture.

Laura Lee Jaeckle

In skateboarding, any surface is a place to ride. This Dekline identity communicates understanding for the culture of the sport. 


Sarah Pedregon

An identity for Caribou, the number two coffee seller, designed to compete with Starbucks environment and product branding.

caribou corp identity window.jpg

Digital Design

Ian Simoneaux

Strategist: Marissa McGarrah | Planner/Copywriter: Dannelle Duong

Millennials rent. This app's design strategy was to turn the largest consumer group into home improvement DIYers.

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