Bart Cleveland


Founder, JPL

Bart Cleveland heads the Job Propulsion Lab team. He works one-on-one with everyone in every program. He has always been a mentor, guiding his agency as they helped brands like Coca-Cola, CNN, DuPont, International Paper and Applegate Organic Meats succeed. Their work frequently gained recognition in the industry's most revered award shows. He helps people build creative careers through JPL programs and its workshops at conferences such as SXSW and Ad Age's Small Agency Conference and The One Club's Creative Week. He is a contributing author for The Get a Job Worksop: How to Find Your Way to a Creative Career in Advertising and is working a second book, Build the Creative Career You're Meant to Have.


Mark McGarrah

Founder, McGarrah Jessee



If only all account guys could be like Mark. His rare combination of analytic and artistic skills has allowed him to succeed at advertising’s most famed agencies. And, even better, put his name on the door of his own.


Bryan has built a career on craftsmanship. First, when creating campaigns himself. Then when mentoring those creating under him. And although he’s won a number of awards, his agency, McGarrah Jessee, is the finest example of this commitment to craft.


Bryan Jessee

Founder, McGarrah Jessee



Joel Clement



Joel Clement is a Chief Creative Officer at McGarrah Jessee. As a mentor for JPL, he shares insights from a global career experience. He demonstrates how being a cultural chameleon and unwavering optimist bring a different attitude to creativity – innovation. 


James is a Chief Creative Officer at McGarrah Jessee. He is a master of the craft of brand storytelling, an art director with the soul of a graphic designer. Learn his secret in doing timeless work that gains envy from peers and success for the client. Here’s a hint: sweat, tears and a whole lot of coffee.


James Mikus

Art Direction


 Sharon Arellano



Sharon Arellano is Strategy Director at McGarrah Jessee. Her experience on both the agency and client side of strategy gives protégés in Strategy the complete experience of strategic development. Sharon's engaged and optimistic personality shows how problem solvers turn challenges into an approach that resonates, overcoming the increasingly fragmented marketplace.


David Kampa is Design Director at McGarrah Jessee. Great designers learn from the greats. Few have won more of the typographic and design awards than David. He began doing so from the beginning of his career. Which is why if being a great designer from day one is your goal, this is the guy to know.


David Kampa



Jeremy Cox



Jeremy is Digital Director at McGarrah Jessee. His absolute belief that great work doesn't happen in a vacuum is the same belief about great careers – you need a great team around you. He works with our JPL proteges not only to help learn how to create unique work but understand the future of digital by working with the people who are building it.


Jennifer is HR Director at McGarrah Jessee. She knows what it takes to break into an agency with a national reputation for excellent work. Her insight hones your professional skills from presenting your work, to your first contact with your dream job, to nailing your interview. 


  Jennifer Blank

Career Development