Whether you're trying to build your career or a business, JPL is an efficient way to learn skills, raise quality and reach goals. 

All of our programs begin with a custom plan designed to help discover your goal and how to achieve it. Training ranges from recharging careers to rebuilding them from the ground up. Not sure how much help you need? Click Learn More and let's talk.



Need payment flexibility? We can do that.

We have flexible payment methods for our programs, from one payment to small extended payments billed monthly to your credit card*. When you apply, check your preferred payment method and we'll send details.

*A small processing fee is added for extended payments.

Career Assessment Plan


Not sure what you want to do or how? This program solves the mystery. Answer a few thought-provoking questions, and meet with us for an in-depth interview. We do the rest. A detailed recommendation, including a piece by piece analysis of your portfolio, clarifies what you need to do and with whom you should be working.


One-on-One Coaching and Training Programs

Recharge — $1,250

The perfect program for professionals experiencing a stalled career. If you're struggling to take your career to the next level, Recharge offers 4-weeks of customized one-on-one coaching, including a personal career plan, skill analysis and training, and professional development. 

Remodel — $3,500

The perfect program for the creative or strategy pro who wants to improve skills and get a job at an A-level company. An in-depth career assessment and three months of one-on-one coaching transform your portfolio and trains you to land a job at a company that empowers you to have the creative career you're meant to have.

REBUILD — $5,000 

This six-month training program takes you from zero to a portfolio that gets the attention of the best creative companies. One-on-one coaching accelerates your progress and gives more than skill training, it offers insight into how to succeed in the ad industry. We finish the program with job search training that works.

Specialist and In-Company Training Programs

Renovate — Employee

Enhance employee success with customized, one-on-one or small group training. These aren't workshops that have little effect, but two to six weeks of coaching, using work your employees are doing. Subjects: specific role skill training, innovation, quality control, team leadership, time management and presentations. Call or email with details for a quote.


Strategy — $3,500

Twelve weeks of one-on-one strategy training. Mentoring includes strategic assignments, writing and presentation preparation. The program includes a career assessment and finishes with job search and interview training. Beat the competition for an entry-level strategist position by demonstrating you will make immediate contributions.

Founder — $2500 - $6000

Dream of running your own business? This program is taught by pros who built successful creative companies. Choose from one to three months of training, and learn everything you need to know: Writing a business plan, properly branding, pitching and landing clients. Avoid the mistakes most make when starting a freelance or creative services company. 

Build Your Creative Career Online Programs

Free Course — $0

This mini course shares how to get your creative career started in three lessons. 1: Determining the creative job that's right for you. 2: FAQs answer to help avoid career pitfalls. 3: We bust five interview myths that keep you from a job.


Full course — $497

Career development, skill-training videos guide you step-by-step through the process of transforming you into the creative professional you were destined to be. Videos and resources help you build your career one step at a time.


Premium Course — $997

Everything in the Full Course plus eight weekly live one-hour webinar sessions with JPL founder, Bart Cleveland to help you through the course. It finishes with a one-on-one session to help you get ready for your job search.