How is JPL Different?


Built around life

No two years of school, quitting your job or moving. Instead, a customized program developed to accelerate progress and save time and money. We cut out the junk you don't need to focus on what helps you succeed.

No crowded classes

One-on-one instruction based on a program designed uniquely for you teaches real-world advertising, not academic theory. Build a portfolio and personal brand that starts you on a successful career path in months, not years.

Taught by pros

People who do what you dream of doing train you. They know what it takes to do great work. Your coach walks with you each step of the way, giving you honest and helpful input about how to execute at the highest level of craft.

More than a portfolio

Our programs develop you into a professional ready to succeed. We teach you how to plan and launch a job search. You'll know precisely what to do to get in the door of the best companies, and how to get the job offer you want.